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You should belong to the Music Union because:

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1. You save money!

  • Fees to join AFM 660 are lower than most other locals, so if you plan to leave town, join here and transfer your membership to your new location.
  • AFM membership qualifies you for a discount in instrument insurance with Clarion Insurance Company, plus special discounts and benifits through Union

2. You avoid hassles!

  • AFM membership indicates that you are a professional musician, not a hobbyist. It especially indicates to the Internal Revenue Service that they should not challenge your claiming musician expenses as deductions.
  • AFM membership is not required to play gigs around State College, but if you go elsewhere Harrisburg, Pittsburgh -- you may be barred from performing unless you are an AFM member. Your membership here qualifies you to perform in that situation.
  • When you use a written contract registered with the local AFM (forms available from the local AFM), you get legal representation if your employer does not live up to his end of the deal. This help can save you a lot of time, effort and money.

3. You connect for success!

  • You join a group of musicians who network and refer gigs and group opportunities to each other. Frequent jam sessions take place locally where you connect for success.
  • You get a free subscription to International Musician magazine that has ads for musician auditions and work nationwide. You also get the local AFM 660 newsletter full of local music news.
  • The union advocates for better wages and better conditions for all musicians, not just for AFM members. we are more effective at this if we have many members.

Join the effort - be part of the team - and make it happen!


It's easy to join!

1. Download the application here:

AFM Local 660 Membership Form.pdf

2. Print a copy and fill out the informaton,

3. Visit the Pay Dues page for dues and fees information,

4. Mail the completed form along with your payment to:

Chris Byrne
Secretary/Treasurer, AFM Local 660
714 N Allen St
State College PA, 16803

Questions? Contact Chris at:;  or (814) 777-7238

Thanks for joining!

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