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Musicians' Performance Trust Fund
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What It Is

  • The Music Performance Fund (MPF) is a non-profit, tax-exempt public service organization under section 501 (c) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Headquartered in New York City, MPF is the world's largest sponsor of live, admission-free musical programs. MPF presents over 10,000 performances yearly to the people of the United States and Canada. Millions of people enjoy music of high quality without having to buy a ticket or belong to an organization in order to gain admittance.
  • The Fund was established in 1948 by the recording companies of North America and the American Federation of Musicians as part of their collective bargaining agreement. A small royalty on the sale of some recorded music is contributed to the Fund by signatory recording companies, and these funds are supplemented by co-sponsoring organizations.
  • There is never an admission charge for MPF performances, and its performances cannot be used to raise money, sell merchandise, or promote political or religious events.

What To Do

  • Contract with a venue to provide a music performance that is Free and Open to the Public.
  • Obtain a Sponsor to help pay the musicians for the performance. The sponsor can be the venue itself, or an outside source.
  • MPTF currently will provide 30% of the musicians' fees for a general performance, 40% of fees for performances in hospitals or nursing homes, and 50% of fees for performances in schools. Sponsors are responsible for the remaining fees.
  • Current AFM 660 Wage Rates are $100 for each musician, $110 for the leader (required by MPF).
  • Download the "Request For Project Funding" and W-9 forms below, and follow the instructions for submission.

Forms and Help

  • Contact Gary Brubaker, AFM Local 660 MPTF Coordinator
       for assistance. 
       Forms can be mailed to:  
       Gary Brubaker  
       480 Big hollow Rd  
       State College PA 16801  

  • Instructions for Submitting a Request for Funding
        Steps for RFPForm
  • Request for Project Funding  Page 1  
        RFPForm Page 1
        Application for Funding form
  • Request for Project Funding  Page 2  
        RFPForm Page 2
        Confirmation of Performance form
  • W-9 Form  Sponsor Tax ID  
        Must be sent in with RFPF Form Pg. 1

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