AFM Local 660 Code of Ethics
We're The Professionals!

AFM 660 Code of Ethics

Approved by the Members of Local 660, August 24, 2008

How To Behave Like A Professional Musician

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    As a member of the largest international organization of working professional musicians
    you are part of a fraternity of players who demand and deliver high standards of
    professional conduct.  Be familiar with the Federation Bylaws and Local Bylaws.

Professional behaviour includes the following:

  • Use written contracts. Members can access L-2 union contract forms at
  • Be on time.
  • Be prepared to play at your highest level with your instrument in good working order.
  • Dress appropriately for the venue.
  • Perform unimpaired by drugs or alcohol.
  • Limit breaks to the agreed upon length of time.
  • Be courteous to clients, patrons, and colleagues.
  • Honor your gig commitments, even if it means turning down a better offer.
  • Give 48 hours notice to your leader if you cannot make a gig.
    Have a substitute available before you make the call.
  • Don't underbid established gigs of fellow Union members.
  • Give at least 2 weeks notice to leave a steady gig.
  • Pay your musicians on time.
  • Direct job inquiries and gig details to the leader.
  • Abide by the AFM and Local 660 By-Laws.

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