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January 8, 2024:
Officer Nominations and General Membership Meetings

Brothers and Sisters,
Sunday April 21 is the next Officer Nominations and General Membership meetings at 2:30pm at the Cobble Creek II Clubhouse, 3222 Shellers Bend, State College, PA 16801
The Cobble Creek II Clubhouse
3222 Shellers Bend, State College, PA 16801

The six members of the Executive Board are:
Bruce Truitt, elected for 2022 as Vice-President for a one-year term, became the acting President for years 22 and 23. His Vice-President term ended in 12/31/22.
Chris Byrne: elected for 2023 as Treasurer for a three-year term, is completing that term at the end of next year.
Gary Brubaker: elected for 2022 as Secretary for a three-year term, is completing that term at the end of this year.
Bruce Young: elected for 2023 to Board of Directors for a three-year term, will complete that at the end of next year.
Gary Abdullah: elected for 2021 to Board of Directors for a three-year term, will complete that term at the end of this year.
Cathy Herrera: elected for 2023 to the Board of Directors for a three-year term, will complete that term at the end of next year.
Article II: /section 1. Of our bylaws. The Officers of the Local shall consist of the President, Vice-President, secretary, Treasurer, and a board of three Directors. Said Officers and Board members together shall constitute the Executive Board.
Filling the Executive Board can be accomplished by electing a President now. However, when you look at how many terms are ending this year and adhere to our bylaws rules for turnover of Officers and Directors, you can see the fix we are in.
One Director should be elected each year as one leaves. The President and Vice-President positions are up for election each year. We do not have a turn over with new people. If other members do not come accept a nomination for a position on the Executive Board, there may soon be more vacancies on the EB. That would be going the wrong way.
In solidarity,


Saturday October 14:
Nomination and General Membership Meetings

Brothers and Sisters,
We need a good turnout Saturday to assure we will be able to elect the 2024 officers. Give our local your time and sincere concern to arrive by 1:00pm at the Cobble Creek II Clubhouse and participate in this annual election.
The agenda has been emailed to all members, and your response will determine the future of our union, the Central Pennsylvania Musicians Association.
Saturday, October 14, 1:00pm at
The Cobble Creek II Clubhouse
3222 Shellers Bend, State College, PA 16801

There are two streets that connect Shellers Lane to the Clubhouse circle; the Clubhouse sits in the middle of the circle. Twelve parking spaces available around the Clubhouse, and if all spaces are full, spillover parking is nearby along Shellers Lane; please do not park along the Clubhouse circle curbs in front of houses.
There will be rain on Saturday, please be mindful of keeping the Clubhouse clean as we enter.
In solidarity and preservation of AFM Local 660,
Gary Brubaker, Secretary


Nomination and General Membership Meeting
and Summer Musical Potluck Picnic

Brothers and Sisters:
Our Local 660 President, Chris Gallagher, has decided he is no longer comfortable serving as President currently and has chosen to resign. He served a year as VP but became uneasy with being President. The Board Members have responded, "We respect that, Chris, and are glad you will continue as a member. We will keep in touch and inform you of events."
Consequently, your executive board met April 1st to plan a special nomination meeting for the office of President. The date and location we have chosen for the meeting is:
Saturday, May 13 at 12:00 noon at
The Cobble Creek II Clubhouse
3222 Shellers Bend, State College, PA 16801

This lovely facility has ample inside meeting and lounge areas, a patio with table and chairs, restrooms and 14 parking spaces. Additional parking is nearby along the curb on Shellers Bend by the soccer field. You may not park on the street by the curb or block driveways in Cobble Creek II. If it rains there is plenty of room to have the entire event inside.
We have secured the clubhouse for 11:00 until 4:00pm. After the meeting sandwiches and beverages will be provided along with dishes you would like to bring. With our members' wide variety of talents and tastes, the order of the day is to bring your voices and instruments to play during lunch and after. You choose your music and play any time you want. We will stay with acoustic instruments and a small bass amp is provided.

Music self-played is happiness self-made

Now, the pitch for candidates:
We do not expect one of you to join the executive board into the office of President, although it has happened and can be done with the mentoring of the six other board members. Read the President's duties in our bylaws, Art I, Sec 2. President is for a one-year term.
We also have three board positions that are not President, VP, Secretary or Treasurer. Joining the executive board as one of those three additional members requires you to come to all meetings, just five two-hour meetings a year, and equally discuss issues and make decisions.
Our bylaws state that we should elect one member to those positions every year for a three-year term. A rotation is accomplished when each year one board member finishes their three-year term and a new one is elected. It is a learning phase of our connection to the Federation.
You can notify me now if you want to accept a nomination for President or board member. We will not coerce you at the meeting and you always have the choice of declining a nomination.
We encourage you to come to this special picnic lunch gathering that will complete the nomination of President and provide time for member socializing and playing music together.
We would like to do more than have meetings for members and we need your ideas. Come and participate and enjoy this once-a-year member picnic and musical gathering.
Gary Brubaker, Secretary


AFM Local 660 membership drive

Date: December 29, 2022
With another Christmas in the history book, I trust you all enjoyed gatherings of family and friends. The cold did not diminish the warmth we all know comes with the Holidays.
As announced in the minutes of the general membership of November 13, we are launching a membership drive for January thru March of 2023. The Federation has provided enough quad-fold pamphlets to send one to each of you. It is titled "Why Join the AFM ?." You can discuss it with a musician and give it to them and encourage them to pass it on to other musicians.
Attached is the printer's layout you can read and photographs of the quad-fold pamphlet. If you would like to have more let me know.
Also, the executive board is planning our first 2023 meeting for the end of January. One order of business will be to schedule a general membership meeting for February or March. As always, we would like to hear suggestions from members regarding when and where we could have the meeting. Our first board meeting will be held on Zoom and the general membership meeting could be held on Zoom as well.
We are proud to announce another MPTF grant was approved for the Nittany Valley Symphony's performance on December 10 at the St. Johns Church of Christ in Bellefonte as part of the Bellefonte Victorian Christmas. The grant made it possible to pay $87.50 to each of the 27 musicians for the free public event. It was a delightful concert and well attended thanks to the preparations by Cathy Herrara and members of the NVS staff and musicians. I have attached two photos of the event.
Wishing you all a productive, prosperous, musical, and of course, Happy New Year.
Gary Brubaker, Secretary

Election results and meeting minutes

Date: November 19, 2022
Brothers and Sisters:
We expected more of you to come to last Sunday's meeting. However, we are grateful and delighted that Cathy Herrera decided to attend and participate. She accepted the nomination to the board of directors and was unanimously elected to the position.
Though she has a busy life, like all of us, Cathy felt a commitment to serve you all. She began playing music early in life and continues to develop her passion to this day. She joined AFM at age eighteen. Take time to review her web site and become acquainted with her talents and accomplishments during her extensive career. Her devotion to music and its impact on the human spirit is commendable and inspirational.
Homepage | Cathy Collinge Herrera
I recommend you all send her congratulations and gratitude for her service to AFM Local 660. She has expressed new ideas that will help lead an effort to recruit new members.
As you will see in the meeting minutes, the board has decided to design a membership drive for the first three months of 2023. With the assistance of AFM International we will finalize the details, prepare materials, and announce a plan in December. In that recruiting new members is an obligation of all members; we expect your participation.
You will also read that I will again be soliciting members for information they would like to include in a listing that we will provide to the State College Downtown Improvement District to be used for their selection of musicians and groups to play in events that they sponsor.
I will also solicit ideas from members on planning our meetings and ways to increase member attendance. We need to hear ideas and comments from all of you.
Treasurer Eli Byrne will soon be announcing that your 2023 dues should be paid by December 31, 2022. He will include ways that you can submit your payment.
We wish you all the best for you and your families during the coming holidays. Enjoy the music and spirit that accompanies the gatherings and celebrations important to your lives.
Be of good cheer and peace and love to all.
Respectfully submitted,
Gary Brubaker, Secretary

Bassnotes: One More Time

Date: October 17, 2022
I will start these notes with a mea culpa. My plan for yesterday started with singing in my church choir at 9:30 A.M. That was very successful and elicited many compliments from the congregation. I then planned to attend the induction of a friend of mine into the Centre County Sports Hall of Fame. We were to sign in by 11:00 A.M. and I assumed that I would be able to easily make it the 15 minute drive to our Local 660 nominations meeting followed by our general membership meeting. That’s where my plans started to unravel.
Please forgive this educational aside. While contemplating my remarks for these notes, I looked up the Robert Burns’ poem that includes the line “…the best laid schemes of mice and men.” Most people say “plans”, but Burns wrote “schemes”. He also wrote about half the poem using words only a native Scot would understand.
Back to the induction, my wife showed me the program that I had not seen yet. Lunch would not be served until the time I was planning to leave if the ceremony was not yet over. “I’ve skipped meals before.” “But the induction is after the meal, you can’t go.” Nuts, wrong again.
I called our faithful secretary Gary Brubaker and explained my predicament. We decided that I would get to the general meeting when I could. There was no real reason for my attendance at the nominations meeting except to insure a quorum. Everyone should know that I have no intention of running again. Gary told me that he would keep me updated and he did.
Unfortunately, the update was that everything was canceled due to a lack of attendees.
My own plan for this next year starts with picking up the pieces and putting together a valid nominations meeting.
Let me start this way: please send me the name and number or email of any prospective nominee for any office. I will do my best to persuade these nominees to help Local 660 for the good of the order. A personal contact might help. Let me know if someone has a better idea.
My plan for the rest of the year is to repeat making personal contacts for the two other boards from which I would like to retire. All three of these boards have the same problem. We are not getting the younger members to participate. The College of Arts and Architecture had a meeting Saturday and they have established an ad hoc committee for addressing that problem. My position on the A&A board is as liaison to the Alumni Blue Band board. That is position number three.
An idea hatched at the Arts and Architecture meeting that intrigues me is contacting people for smaller, part-time roles. Those roles could be used as steppingstones to a seat on the board. I am not even sure what those small roles might be, but I am open for suggestions.
This is a plea for help. I am very proud of the O. Richard Bundy Blue Band Building. It was the combined efforts and impetus of the Alumni Blue Band members that successfully lobbied and raised the funds for that building. When we started, we were a very loosely affiliated group. Now it is a very strong organization. The Arts and Architecture board has also grown exponentially in the last few years. It would be nice to see Local 660 regain its status, but it takes the concerted effort of more members, not just the executive board. There was a time when Local 660 was approached by the Federation’s executive board about assuming other locals in central Pennsylvania because they were floundering and we were strong and successful.
I’m old enough to remember this statement uttered to the nation in 1961: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” Please consider changing “country” to “local.” I do not think those terms are mutually exclusive.
For further questions feel free to use my email:
Joh Kovalchik, President

Bassnotes: Coda

Date: March 29, 2022
I decided to send out an abbreviated version of Bassnotes to plug our meeting April 3rd at 1:00 P.M. I will attend the meeting in person, but as usual, attendance can be virtual.
As I mentioned in a previous edition, I accepted the position of president for this year only, so this is another plea for help. I do not mind accepting emeritus status. I will always try and provide my two cents worth on any possible problems the local may have and you may keep the change. Still, let us strive to cultivate younger members.
Chris Gallagher accepted the position of Vice President and was duly elected last fall. We had hoped to send him to the International Conference this year, but as you probably are aware, the International Board decided to postpone the conference until next year due to the lingering effects of Covid 19. As far as I am concerned, his trip to the conference is on hold. I always found the conferences to be very educational and inspiring. Here's hoping that the conference does occur next year.
Please tune in on Sunday.
For further questions feel free to use my email:
Joh Kovalchik, President

To all Central Pennsylvania Musicians' Association members:

From: Gary Brubaker, Secretary
Date: March 12, 2022
Subject: April 3, 2022 1:00pm general membership meeting
A good snowy weekend to you all. Though it's pretty and messy it will be short lived and we won't be inconvenienced as much as 28 years ago. The 1993 March 12 - 14 blizzard was one for the record books. The Snowstorm Of '93 Was Pennsylvania's Worst Blizzard (
I think Spring is very close now no thanks to Punxsutawney Phil.
The second membership meeting for 2022 will be live and on Zoom at the home of Gary Brubaker.
We had minimal attendance of three at the live / Zoom meeting January 16th. We will do it again for the April 3rd meeting with rsvps required so we can plan accordingly. So far we have four executive board members definitely attending live and two on Zoom.
Please rsvp by email to me if you are definitely attending live or on Zoom. We would like to see all of your faces one way or another. Repondez S'il Vous Plait.
On page 4 of the March International Musician secretary Jay Blumenthal announced that the 102nd AFM Convention scheduled for this year is postponed until June of 2023. Consequently, I checked with AFM New York and they expect to soon announce the 2022 2nd Qtr Pandemic Policy will be in effect until June 30. At the meeting we will vote on the terms of our response.
I'm pleased to announce that thanks to preparations by Anna Skrupky, we secured an MPTF grant of $2,132.00 to help with expenses for the March 19th concert by the Pennsylvania Chamber Orchestra at the Good Shepard Catholic Church, 867 Grays Woods Blvd, 11:00am to 12:noon.
Should you have any comments or concerns call me.
Gary Brubaker, Secretary

Bass Notes

Date: December 8, 2021
It was 15 years ago, I said goodbye to the president's chair of Local 660 of the American Federation of Musicians and I figured that would also mark my last publication of "Bass Notes". As Count Basie famously recorded at the end of "April in Paris", "One more time." There will be no, "One more, once." This article is a short history, but more than that, a plea for help.

Date: December 8, 2021
It was 15 years ago, I said goodbye to the president's chair of Local 660 of the American Federation of Musicians and I figured that would also mark my last publication of "Bass Notes". As Count Basie famously recorded at the end of "April in Paris", "One more time." There will be no, "One more, once." This article is a short history, but more than that, a plea for help.
Some members might remember that our Local 660 was brought to State College in the 1970s. There were reported to be irregularities stemming from the officers in Tyrone. Rather than go through a protracted investigation, the officers involved basically dumped the offices and paperwork into our laps. We accepted the challenge. Elmer "Skip" Wareham was elected to be our president. Hubert "Hubie" Haugh was our Secretary/Treasurer. Robert Skipper and I volunteered to be the Music Performance Trust Fund officers. It soon became apparent that the job was more efficient with one officer in charge. That became my sole responsibility.
When Skip passed away, I was elected president of the local and held that position for 16 years. When I passed that position off, I was still on the board or connected to it in one form or another. At this past year's elections it made sense to me to switch from a regular board member to president. It was purely a move that seemed to be efficient at the time.
I accepted the position for one year only.
That is the extent of the history lesson. Here is the plea for help. Our membership has dwindled from a high of 240+ members. In those days we often sent two delegates to the International's meetings held at various places throughout the country. Usually, Hubie and I attended. Those conferences were educational and entertaining, and also, very, very important. The first one that I attended was in Charleston, West Virginia where I sat in on a jam session. They had no bass player, but I had my tuba along, so I sat in. They were playing standards, so I had no problem. The trombone player seemed to be leading the session and in the last tune he gave me a solo. At the end he complimented me and asked my name. When he heard it, he said he was Lew Skeen, the current MPTF trustee and we were to have a meeting the next day to straighten out problems that I had been having with the paperwork. He added, "I can't yell at somebody who plays the way you do!"
I added that story to illustrate how important these conferences can be. Other reasons include saving locals from themselves. The biggest reason the AFM has lost so many members is that the price for casual members got too high. Locals were going under due to the benefits that they could no longer support. Our elegates are chosen from the executive board.
What are some of the other responsibilities of the local president? Set up an agenda and chair meetings. We have a general membership meeting scheduled for 1:00 P.M. on Sunday, January 16th. It is tentatively scheduled for South Hills Business School with some type of refreshments. We do have at least one agenda item concerning finances. As always, we would like to hear from the membership at the meeting instead of waiting until later and voicing displeasure.
For further questions feel free to use my email:
Joh Kovalchik, President


President's Message
for AFM Local 660

To all Central Pennsylvania Musicians' Association members:
To: AFM Local 660 members
From: Gary Brubaker, President
Date: November 24, 2021
Subject: Gratitude and Thankfulness

On this eve of our truly American holiday of Thanksgiving l think about gratitude for what life has given me. The events of these past two years have caused us all to evaluate how we live and taught us to be grateful that we do live. We work toward many goals for many reasons but most of life comes to us as a result of the world we live in and the actions of others.
As musicians we enjoy the efforts of ourselves and others to view life as a continuous song with meaning and harmony. We are grateful for what we do and hear and that gives us the ability to make and appreciate music where we find it and take it somewhere else.
As AFM Local 660 members our unity allows us join the universal effort to make the world a better place through music. Others are grateful and we are grateful for their response. So, from all of us, to all of us, thank you for giving. And, thank you for receiving. One cannot exist without the other.

The next executive board meeting is November 30. You are all invited to Zoom in and attend.
On last October 7 I sent the minutes of the Officer Nominations and Elections Meeting and the General Membership Meeting of October 5, 2021. John Kovalchik graciously accepted the nomination for President and was elected for a one-year term. John previously served as President for 16 years. We separated the Secretary/Treasurer position and I accepted the nomination for Secretary for a three-year term. Chris Byrne will continue as Treasurer for one more year of his three-year term.
As a result of the elections this will be my last President's message. However, as Secretary you will be receiving many more emails from me regarding the actions of your local and encouraging you to participate in the executive functions of AFM Local 660. Next year's elections will include: President, one-year term, Treasurer, three-year term and one Executive Board member, three-year term. Think about serving in a position.
Make this a thankful holiday season for you and others.
Your President,
Gary Brubaker

Officers Nominations Meeting on Zoom
for AFM Local 660

To all Central Pennsylvania Musicians' Association members:
To: AFM Local 660 members
From: Gary Brubaker, President
Date: September 21, 2021
Subject: Officer nominations meeting October 5, 2021
General membership meeting October 5, 2021

We all must feel like the Jackson Browne lyric,
Well I'll keep moving, moving on
Things are bound to be improving these days, one of these days
Frustrating as these days have been and are, the Kinks inspire hope,
They can't stop the music, they can't stop the music,
They can't stop the music playing on

Brothers and sisters in music, keep playing on. Whatever situation conforms with your feelings of personal safety and the safety of others, Keep Playing On.
Many opportunities have allowed your live and virtual performances is spite of the attention to preventing the pandemic from worsening. Maybe it will never go away and only be kept at bay but it cant stop the music playing on.
We had success this summer with receiving MPTF grant funding for the Juneteenth event at the MLK Plaza on June 19 and the Penns Woods Music Festival August 14. Our Local660 allotment still has $971 available until April 30. I can help with any applications you would like to submit for either or both live and virtual events you want to plan.

Our next meeting will start with officer nominations for 2022 then a general membership meeting. Anticipating that AFM will extend the pandemic waivers past September, the meeting will be on Zoom at 7:00pm on October 5 as planned. Secretary Eli Byrne will send the link. Your
attendance is requested.

Your President,
Gary Brubaker

General Membership Meeting
for AFM Local 660

To all Central Pennsylvania Musicians' Association members:
The next general membership meeting is scheduled for
Tuesday, May 11 at 7:00pm via Zoom.
Secretary Byrne will send the link prior to the meeting. We encourage all to "Zoom In" and participate with comments and concerns. Trust me it won't hurt a bit.
I will send a reminder and agenda prior to the meeting. If you want to add items to the agenda contact me.
We are all hoping to get back to live performing as soon as pandemic and health and safety guidelines permit.
Your President,
Gary Brubaker

2021 Dues
for AFM Local 660

To all Central Pennsylvania Musicians' Association members:
Regular membership dues are $100, please send a check to
Chris Byrne
Secretary/Treasurer AFM 660
714 N Allen Street
State College PA 16803
For other payment options and other rates for Student and Life Members, please click the "Pay Dues" button on the sidebar.
Thank you for your committment to Live Music!

President's Message for December 30, 2020
Regarding 2021 Pandemic Waiver options
American Federation of Musicians Local 660

To all Central Pennsylvania Musicians' Association members:
AFM International has extended the Pandemic advisory waivers to March 31, 2021. A late fee for member dues and the fee for reinstatement are waived to March 31, 2021. Expulsion for none payment of dues has been extended to June 30, 2021. Annual member dues payment deadline is not extended.
Your AFM 2021 member dues is due tomorrow, December 31, 2020. Secretary Eli Byrne has verified that PayPal will not charge our local a PayPal fee for use in paying your dues. Again, a late fee will not be charged until March 31, 2021. If you use PayPal we recommend it for paying your dues (just click on "Pay Dues" in the sidebar).
On Tuesday December 28 your executive board met by Zoom to determine our waivers response. We submitted our form agreeing with all of the waiver options.
The EB also set the date of February 9 for our first 2021 general membership meeting via Zoom at 7:00pm. I will send out a reminder with the agenda and Eli will send the Zoom room link prior to 2-9-2021. Click the link to attend. We had good attendance at the October 19 meeting. Please join in for the discussions.
As we celebrate the New Year we are far from resuming our normal playing activities. I regret to feel that we will be monitoring the progress of COVID-19 infection rates and vaccine administration to determine the safety of playing indoor venues. Many of you have used virtual apps to perform in various ways. Though I have not, I have viewed some of your offerings and have been impressed with your talents and ingenuity. The entire entertainment industry has responded remarkably with virtual and outdoor gigs. This will be the norm until enough relief from the pandemic will allow otherwise. In the meantime, practice, practice, practice and find your own joy in expressing your talent.
In closing I quote a portion of the sermon from "The Bishops Wife", 1947. It is my Christmas wish for our ability to overcome adversity, practice tolerance and for the future of humanity:
'Let us ask ourselves what He would wish for most. And then, let each put in his share, loving kindness, warm hearts, and a stretched-out hand of tolerance. All the shining gifts that make peace on earth."
Gary Brubaker

President's Message Regarding
2020 Election Results
American Federation of Musicians Local 660

To all Central Pennsylvania Musicians' Association members:
Monday evening, October 19 at 7:00 pm, we conducted a meeting via Zoom for the election of our 2021 officers. We were pleased to have nine members at the meeting. Two of our newest members accepted nominations and were elected to their positions for 2021. Thanks to Gary Abdullah and Chris Gallagher for stepping up to the challenge and becoming part of the decision process for all members as we move into the New Year.
2021 AFM Local 660 officers are:
President, Gary Brubaker
Vice President, Chris Gallagher
Secretary/Treasurer, Chris Byrne
Executive Board, Gary Abdullah, Bruce Young, Bruce Truitt and John Kovalchik
Next year's election will be for the following positions:
President, one-year term
Vice President, one-year term
Two Executive Board members, three-year term
I encourage you all participate in meetings next year and to consider a position to serve your union.
As we wind down this distressing year for health, community, performing and a tumultuous presidential election I trust we will all gather hope that Covid-19 can be conquered and we can enjoy renewed optimism for our future. We are all eager to resume living with joy and peace of mind, playing music and having much more ease of travel, communication and contact with each other.
From all of your 660 officers, wishes for safe and enjoyable holiday season with family and friends. I will request your preferences for next year's meeting dates and time at the beginning of the 2021.
Gary Brubaker

President's Message Regarding
AFM Pandemic Policy update
October 3, 2020
American Federation of Musicians Local 660

To All AFM Local 660 members

It is my hope that you have taken all precautions during this COVID-19 outbreak. It has changed the world and impacted the way we chose to play music and pursue our profession. Choosing protecting your health over regular activities has become the preferred conviction noting that this virus will require a long term concerted management.

After our February 23 general membership meeting AFM international sent the Pandemic Policy to all locals. I trust you have read the messages from our International President and Secretary describing the protocols put in place for safety. The policy options waived deadlines for dues and meetings of all locals to March 30. We were required to return an advisory to the policy selecting which actions we preferred to take. At that time we contacted International and started consultation with Tino Gagliardi of the IEB and Ken Shirk, assistant to the president. We agreed to have our executive board and committee meetings via electronic means and suspend membership meetings until such a time as public health officials deem it reasonably safe to resume public gatherings.

In March we stayed with our same advisory when the waiver was extended to June 30. The waiver was then extended again to September 30. In July we had our first executive board meeting via Zoom and agreed to stay with that advisory. When the waiver was extended to December 31 our executive board had a Zoom meeting with Tino and concluded our best advisory at this time was to proceed with a general membership meeting for our nominations and elections via Zoom.

We have scheduled the nominations meeting for Monday, October 19 at 7:00pm via Zoom. Up for nomination this year are President and Vice President, each a one year term and two executive board members, each a three year term. If there is more than one nominee for any of the positions we will schedule an election by mailed ballot to be returned for a meeting via Zoom in November for counting.

All of our actions are implemented to be in accordance with the U.S. Department of Labor regulations and will enable us to start 2021 with the new selection of officers.

Let's face it folks, "The future is not what is used to be." Conducting our union activities as I've described is our best way forward for now. Controlling this virus may be a long tough road for us all. Please be safe, play music by any and all means, and Stay Well.

President's Message for 2020
American Federation of Musicians Local 660

To all Central Pennsylvania Musicians' Association members:
I send my wishes for all of you to have a Merry Christmas and Holidays season. Cherish the ones who love you and love all of those you cherish. I enjoy this season with renewed hope for all the people of our treasured earth to practice love to last the year through.
Play the music that fills your hearts with promise to make it a great New Year.

Members in attendance at the November 9 General Membership meeting were:
Gary Brubaker, Phil Jenson, Chris Byrne, John Kovalchik, Bruce Young, John Thompson, Don Keat, Sally Minnich, Emily Long, and joining member Bruce Truitt. Bruce is from Austin Texas and plays guitar and bass and interested in performing in the area. We welcome Bruce to Local 660.
Nominations for officers and executive board were:

  • President - Gary Brubaker
  • Vice President - Phil Jenson
  • Treasurer - Chris Byrne
  • Executive board - Bruce Truitt

As there was only one nomination for each seat the nominations were closed and by unanimous vote each nominee was elected. For 2020 Phil and I will continue as Vice President and President and Chris took on the duties of Treasurer while continuing in his third term as secretary. Bruce, our newest member took the position of board member.
After discussions and motions, votes were recorded passing the following for 2020:
1. CBICC membership will not be renewed for 2020. The consensus was that it provided very little benefit to our members.
2. Our membership in 3Dots Downtown will be renewed for 2020 without raising dues.
3. Continue our listing of members with the State College Downtown Improvement District for their selection of musicians for SCDID events.
4. Schedule an Executive Board meeting in January and a General Membership meeting in February. We voted to not have a luncheon. The consensus was that it did little to encourage members to come to the meeting and it is an expense that doesn't benefit all members.
When we schedule the February meeting we will notify you and I encourage all who can attend to come, share your thoughts and be part of our discussions to help make decisions that can benefit us all
Enjoy the Holidays,
Gary Brubaker

Winter 2017
Changes for This Year

Hello fellow Musicians,
I hope that everyone is having an interesting year so far, and that your life is filled with music.
As you may know, we have a new president. After a long hard-fought campaign, Gary Brubaker was elected to the position at our December meeting (just kidding about the campaign!) Actually I felt that I would be unable to commit the attention and energy required of the office, so I chose not to run for reelection, and Gary was willing to step in.
Gary will be sworn in as President of AFM 660 at the Membership Meeting on February 26 at Big Spring Spirits, 12:30-2:00. Also taking office will be Phil Jensen as Vice-President, Debbie Trudeau as Treasurer; John Kovalchik and I will continue as Executive Board Members.
So mark your calendar for Sunday February 26, 12:30pm at Big Spring Spirits in Bellefonte. This is the Central PA Musicians Association's Annual Free Luncheon for you and a guest. We will send a notice soon with the menu and meeting agenda; please RSVP then.
Thank you for your continued support of Live Music and the musicians that make it happen!
John "JT" Thompson, President, Central PA Musicians Association.

Fall 2016
Meeting Time

I hope all of you had a summer full of enjoyable musical experiences - playing, singing, listening, rehearsing, attending concerts, festivals, clubs and shows. From May through October there's always lots of music in the air, as the weather permits so many outdoor performances.
Now that the warmer weathwer is fading away, we have to attend to a little bit of business: Executive Board meetings, Nominations and Elections, and a General Membership meeting. So pay attention to your inbox as there will be several emails coming your way announcingh dates. timnes. places, and agendas. And once those variables are set, we hope to see you.
Have a great Fall season,
John "JT" Thompson, President, Central PA Musicians Association.

Nominations and General Membership Meetings

10 am Saturday, December 5, 2015
Big Spring Spirits

It's that time of the year again - Local 660 Nominations and Elections for Executive Board members.
The Nominations Meeting will be 10 am Saturday, December 5, at Big Spring Spirits in Bellefonte PA, The positions of President and Vice-President are up for election (as they are every year), along with two open Board member seats. (If you are interested in being a Board member, President or Vice-President of the Central Pennsylvania Musician Association, please notify Bruce Young,
Immediately followed the Nominations Meeting, we will convene a General Membership Meeting. This meeting will has some inportant issues to discuss and vote on, including by-law changes, wage scale, and promotion of Local 660 members. (A complete agenda has been emailed to all members; contact John Thompson if you need a copy).
Why have a meeting at Big Spring Spirits you may ask?
Well, the space at this award-winning establishment (several Best-of State College 2015 medallions, #6 on Epicure & Culture's Best Restaurants in Historical Buildings) is comfortable and accommodating, but best of all - AFM 660 Vice-President Phil Jensen is the Head Distiller. He'll be happy to give you a tour of the premises, too, and explain how Spirits are made.
I hope you can make it to the meeting. In addition of taking care of agenda items, Our discussions of the state of the music business, local and national, are always lively, interesting, and your input is welcomed.
Thank you for your continued support of Live Music and all the musicians that make it happen.



CPMA Membership Benefits:
Local Businesses offer Discounts

Robert Sides Music Stores are offering:

  • 10% off all music and accessories with a union card
  • Free rehearsal space in the State College store at
    1801 North Atherton St., State College, PA 16801
    10:00-3:00, Monday-Friday
    Call (814) 861-6882 to reserve
  • Free rehearsal space in the Williamsport store at
    201 Mulberry St, Williamsport, PA 17701
    10:00-3:00, Monday-Friday
    Call (570) 326-2094 to reserve

Albrecht Audiology is offering:

  • A $20 discount off the regular price of
    custom-fitted musician's ear plugs
    Call (814) 867-4327 to make an appointment
    Or visit them at at 233 Easterly Pkwy, State College, PA 16801



General Membership Meeting - February 15
plus Luncheon and Jam Session

It's that time of year again when AFM Local 660 hosts our annual Free Lunch and General Meeting. We'll meet on Saturday, February 15, 2014, 11:30 - 12:30 at the South Hills School of Business on Waupelani Drive for a general meeting. Meet your colleagues and hear what's on their mind and share how you think the AFM should be working for you. One of the topics we want to discuss is a Fair Trade Music initiative that started in Portland OR, that is gaining traction nationally.
Each member may bring one guest for FREE. This could be a spouse, partner, or musician colleague, or other friend. As an enticement to attend, we'll have a door prize drawing for a pair of tickets to any non-Broadway show at the PSU Center for Performing Arts. These are made available to us as a thank you for advertising in their program book all year.
At 12:30 lunch will be served. The menu is lasagna (with and without meat), salad, dessert and beverages.
After lunch members are invited to join a jam session for the rest of the afternoon. We have the room until 5 p.m. Drums, keyboard, and a PA will be provided. Bring your music toys and play with your friends.
Please RSVP to Debbie Trudeau with your name and your guest by February 8. We are paying for a minimum of 25 people, so if your plans change and you can't come let me know.

Incumbents Retain Their Seats
All Canidates Unopposed

At a meeting on October 20 in which four executive seats were open for election, all the officers curremtly holding those positions declared their intentions to run for re-election, and were subsequently nominated. No other nominations were offered, therefore, since all canidates were unopposed, they will retain their seats.
The results: Chris Lee and Phil Jensen remain President and Vice-President for 2014. President and Vice-President each serve for one year. John Thompson was relected as Secretary, Debbie Trudeau was reelected as Treasurer, and John Kovalchik was relected as an Executive Board Member. Their terms will expire in three years.
Congratulations to all officers, and we hope they will serve Local 660 well in the coming years.

Local 660 Programs Support Music and Grow Audiences

The Central Pennsylvania Musicians Association, aka AFM 660, has assembled a program to support music and grow audiences. Elements include:

1) Sustainable Music Venues program: a list of AFM 660-designated bars and other venues who have agreed with AFM 660 to pay all musicians at least the per-person minimum wage established by AFM 660 and to offer written contracts to all musicians. No more last-minute cancellations! (See button on left)
2) "Listen to the Music" jam sessions to bring musicians of all ages and levels together to connect for success and just for fun.
3) An AFM 660 newsletter with news and interviews about the local music scene. Join the story of the music scene as it evolves.
4) Legal Representation: State College lawyer Phil Masorti has agreed to provide pro-bono legal services for member-musicians.
5) A new Code of Ethics - how professional musicians behave. (See button on left).
6) A new Wage Scale - the minimum per-person pay for gigs -- based on a market survey (See "Documents" button on left)

Local 660 Newsletters

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