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President's message for 2020
American Federation of Musicians Local 660

To all Central Pennsylvania Musicians' Association members:
I send my wishes for all of you to have a Merry Christmas and Holidays season. Cherish the ones who love you and love all of those you cherish. I enjoy this season with renewed hope for all the people of our treasured earth to practice love to last the year through.
Play the music that fills your hearts with promise to make it a great New Year.

Members in attendance at the November 9 General Membership meeting were:
Gary Brubaker, Phil Jenson, Chris Byrne, John Kovalchik, Bruce Young, John Thompson, Don Keat, Sally Minnich, Emily Long, and joining member Bruce Truitt. Bruce is from Austin Texas and plays guitar and bass and interested in performing in the area. We welcome Bruce to Local 660.
Nominations for officers and executive board were:

  • President - Gary Brubaker
  • Vice President - Phil Jenson
  • Treasurer - Chris Byrne
  • Executive board - Bruce Truitt

As there was only one nomination for each seat the nominations were closed and by unanimous vote each nominee was elected. For 2020 Phil and I will continue as Vice President and President and Chris took on the duties of Treasurer while continuing in his third term as secretary. Bruce, our newest member took the position of board member.
After discussions and motions, votes were recorded passing the following for 2020:
1. CBICC membership will not be renewed for 2020. The consensus was that it provided very little benefit to our members.
2. Our membership in 3Dots Downtown will be renewed for 2020 without raising dues.
3. Continue our listing of members with the State College Downtown Improvement District for their selection of musicians for SCDID events.
4. Schedule an Executive Board meeting in January and a General Membership meeting in February. We voted to not have a luncheon. The consensus was that it did little to encourage members to come to the meeting and it is an expense that doesn't benefit all members.
When we schedule the February meeting we will notify you and I encourage all who can attend to come, share your thoughts and be part of our discussions to help make decisions that can benefit us all
Enjoy the Holidays,
Gary Brubaker

Winter 2017
Changes for This Year

Hello fellow Musicians,
I hope that everyone is having an interesting year so far, and that your life is filled with music.
As you may know, we have a new president. After a long hard-fought campaign, Gary Brubaker was elected to the position at our December meeting (just kidding about the campaign!) Actually I felt that I would be unable to commit the attention and energy required of the office, so I chose not to run for reelection, and Gary was willing to step in.
Gary will be sworn in as President of AFM 660 at the Membership Meeting on February 26 at Big Spring Spirits, 12:30-2:00. Also taking office will be Phil Jensen as Vice-President, Debbie Trudeau as Treasurer; John Kovalchik and I will continue as Executive Board Members.
So mark your calendar for Sunday February 26, 12:30pm at Big Spring Spirits in Bellefonte. This is the Central PA Musicians Association's Annual Free Luncheon for you and a guest. We will send a notice soon with the menu and meeting agenda; please RSVP then.
Thank you for your continued support of Live Music and the musicians that make it happen!
John "JT" Thompson, President, Central PA Musicians Association.

Fall 2016
Meeting Time

I hope all of you had a summer full of enjoyable musical experiences - playing, singing, listening, rehearsing, attending concerts, festivals, clubs and shows. From May through October there's always lots of music in the air, as the weather permits so many outdoor performances.
Now that the warmer weathwer is fading away, we have to attend to a little bit of business: Executive Board meetings, Nominations and Elections, and a General Membership meeting. So pay attention to your inbox as there will be several emails coming your way announcingh dates. timnes. places, and agendas. And once those variables are set, we hope to see you.
Have a great Fall season,
John "JT" Thompson, President, Central PA Musicians Association.

Nominations and General Membership Meetings

10 am Saturday, December 5, 2015
Big Spring Spirits

It's that time of the year again - Local 660 Nominations and Elections for Executive Board members.
The Nominations Meeting will be 10 am Saturday, December 5, at Big Spring Spirits in Bellefonte PA, The positions of President and Vice-President are up for election (as they are every year), along with two open Board member seats. (If you are interested in being a Board member, President or Vice-President of the Central Pennsylvania Musician Association, please notify Bruce Young,
Immediately followed the Nominations Meeting, we will convene a General Membership Meeting. This meeting will has some inportant issues to discuss and vote on, including by-law changes, wage scale, and promotion of Local 660 members. (A complete agenda has been emailed to all members; contact John Thompson if you need a copy).
Why have a meeting at Big Spring Spirits you may ask?
Well, the space at this award-winning establishment (several Best-of State College 2015 medallions, #6 on Epicure & Culture's Best Restaurants in Historical Buildings) is comfortable and accommodating, but best of all - AFM 660 Vice-President Phil Jensen is the Head Distiller. He'll be happy to give you a tour of the premises, too, and explain how Spirits are made.
I hope you can make it to the meeting. In addition of taking care of agenda items, Our discussions of the state of the music business, local and national, are always lively, interesting, and your input is welcomed.
Thank you for your continued support of Live Music and all the musicians that make it happen.



CPMA Membership Benefits:
Local Businesses offer Discounts

Robert Sides Music Stores are offering:

  • 10% off all music and accessories with a union card
  • Free rehearsal space in the State College store at
    1801 North Atherton St., State College, PA 16801
    10:00-3:00, Monday-Friday
    Call (814) 861-6882 to reserve
  • Free rehearsal space in the Williamsport store at
    201 Mulberry St, Williamsport, PA 17701
    10:00-3:00, Monday-Friday
    Call (570) 326-2094 to reserve

Albrecht Audiology is offering:

  • A $20 discount off the regular price of
    custom-fitted musician’s ear plugs
    Call (814) 867-4327 to make an appointment
    Or visit them at at 233 Easterly Pkwy, State College, PA 16801



General Membership Meeting - February 15
plus Luncheon and Jam Session

It’s that time of year again when AFM Local 660 hosts our annual Free Lunch and General Meeting. We’ll meet on Saturday, February 15, 2014, 11:30 – 12:30 at the South Hills School of Business on Waupelani Drive for a general meeting. Meet your colleagues and hear what’s on their mind and share how you think the AFM should be working for you. One of the topics we want to discuss is a Fair Trade Music initiative that started in Portland OR, that is gaining traction nationally.
Each member may bring one guest for FREE. This could be a spouse, partner, or musician colleague, or other friend. As an enticement to attend, we’ll have a door prize drawing for a pair of tickets to any non-Broadway show at the PSU Center for Performing Arts. These are made available to us as a thank you for advertising in their program book all year.
At 12:30 lunch will be served. The menu is lasagna (with and without meat), salad, dessert and beverages.
After lunch members are invited to join a jam session for the rest of the afternoon. We have the room until 5 p.m. Drums, keyboard, and a PA will be provided. Bring your music toys and play with your friends.
Please RSVP to Debbie Trudeau with your name and your guest by February 8. We are paying for a minimum of 25 people, so if your plans change and you can’t come let me know.

Incumbents Retain Their Seats
All Canidates Unopposed

At a meeting on October 20 in which four executive seats were open for election, all the officers curremtly holding those positions declared their intentions to run for re-election, and were subsequently nominated. No other nominations were offered, therefore, since all canidates were unopposed, they will retain their seats.
The results: Chris Lee and Phil Jensen remain President and Vice-President for 2014. President and Vice-President each serve for one year. John Thompson was relected as Secretary, Debbie Trudeau was reelected as Treasurer, and John Kovalchik was relected as an Executive Board Member. Their terms will expire in three years.
Congratulations to all officers, and we hope they will serve Local 660 well in the coming years.

Local 660 Programs Support Music and Grow Audiences

The Central Pennsylvania Musicians Association, aka AFM 660, has assembled a program to support music and grow audiences. Elements include:

1) Sustainable Music Venues program: a list of AFM 660-designated bars and other venues who have agreed with AFM 660 to pay all musicians at least the per-person minimum wage established by AFM 660 and to offer written contracts to all musicians. No more last-minute cancellations! (See button on left)
2) "Listen to the Music" jam sessions to bring musicians of all ages and levels together to connect for success and just for fun.
3) An AFM 660 newsletter with news and interviews about the local music scene. Join the story of the music scene as it evolves.
4) Legal Representation: State College lawyer Phil Masorti has agreed to provide pro-bono legal services for member-musicians.
5) A new Code of Ethics - how professional musicians behave. (See button on left).
6) A new Wage Scale - the minimum per-person pay for gigs -- based on a market survey (See "Documents" button on left)

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